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Sexual Life

What are the Symptoms of AIDS (HIV)?

AIDS (HIV), Türkçe adıysa ‘edinsel bağışıklık yetmezliği sendromu’ kan yoluyla veya cinsel ilişki yoluyla bulaşan bir hastalıktır. HIV virüsünün vücutta yarattığı en temel etki...

Travel Guide

Places to visit in the Mediterranean

Those who turn their route to the Mediterranean's! The Mediterranean Region, which comes to mind first when thinking of the sea, sand and sun trio in the summer season, does not only consist of Antalya.When it comes to places to visit in the Mediterranean's...

Healthy Living

5 Things That Take Away Your Abs

There's nothing more frustrating than a belly that insists on bulging over the waistband of your pants, despite a healthy diet and all that time spent in the gym. Abdomen...

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