There are many countries in Europe with very different beauties. Each of these countries has its own magnificent cities that must be visited. The places to visit and see in each of them attract great interest from travelers. Below you will find 10 Countries to Visit in Europe and the must-visit cities of these 10 countries.


countries to visit in europe - germany

Germany stands out with its long and deep-rooted history and is flooded with tourists especially in spring and summer. Among the places to visit in Germany, Berlin; It is one of the most popular cities in Germany. It is home to wonderful architectural structures such as the Berlin Wall, Bellevue Palace, Charlottenburg Palace, located right in the center of the city. Munich; BMW Museum, English Garden, Marienplatz Street, St. Peter's Church are among the must-see attractions. Frankfurt; The River Main, St. Paul's Church, and Goethe's House are must-see historical spots. Palmengarten and Frankfurt Zoological Garden are beautiful areas that nature lovers will appreciate. Hamburg; With 1200 years of history, the International Maritime Museum, St. Nicholas Church and Kunsthalle Hamburg are some of the highlights of the city. Cologne; In a city known for its chocolate and museums, the Chocolate Museum, the Ludwig Museum and the Römisch-Germanisches Museum are worth a visit. Leipzig; Leipzig is known for its art events and is Germany's most active art district. Make sure to see Bach Museum and St. Thomas Church.


Countries to visit in Europe - Italy

Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world with the most touristic heritage. Below are the places to visit and see in this country where art lovers show great interest. Cinque Terre, UNESCOThis protected city is a village with unspoiled coasts and is full of natural beauty. It is one of the cities that should be visited for nature lovers. Naples, This city has the ruins of Pompeii, UNESCO World Heritage Capri Island, Pompeii and the ancient city of Herculaneum are the most important places to visit. Milan, This city, the heart of fashion, has its first shopping center, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. You can also visit the world-famous opera house Milano La Scale. Venice, It is called the floating city. The Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco and the Basilica of San Marco are worth seeing. Rome, One of the most famous cities in the world, the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel are among the must-see sights.


countries to visit in europe spain

Mediterranean Spain, which has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, takes its place in the travel lists with its deep-rooted history and green nature. Cities to visit in Spain, Barcelona, In Barcelona, where there are many architectural structures, Park Güell, Casa Mila and Casa Batli, Picasso Museum and Baecelona Aquarium are among the most important tourist attractions. Madrid, The Prado Museum, the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Temple of Debod, and the Royal Palace of Madrid are among the most famous sights in this city full of works of art. Sevilla, Located in the Andalusia region, this place receives a lot of tourists, and Maria Luisa Park, Seville Cathedral and the Alcazar Palace are among its must-see attractions. Valencia, Valencia Cathedral, Turia Gardens and the Museum of Ceramic Arts with its historical texture and magnificent sea are among the places to visit.


countries to visit in europe france

Approximately 82 million tourists visit France every year, tasting French cuisine and enjoying the unique landscape. Places to visit in France, Parisin itself fascinates tourists. The Eiffel Tower should be the first place to see. Loire Valley Known as the garden of France, it is a fairytale city. It has châteaux and magnificent gardens. Lyon, classical architecture, gothic cathedrals and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its famous cuisine.


Must Visit Countries in Europe Greece

Especially Greece, which has magnificent sea coasts and cultural heritage, offers different options to travelers coming to the country. Greece's must-see cities, Athens, This city alone can be visited in 1 week. The Parthenon temple, the Acropolis, the National Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Agora Museum are among the most important sights. Rhodes, On the island, there is the 700-year-old Virgin Mary Church and the Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque. The villages of Aiana and Salakos also attract many tourists. Butterfly Valley is also a must-see.


The must-visit country in Europe England

England is known as the country on which the sun never sets and is famous for its ancient history. Places to visit and see, LondonThe Tower of London, London Eye, Madame Tussaud's, Buckingham Palace and green areas are some of the places to see. Birmingham, It is a city famous for its historic buildings and open-air concerts, with the Ikon Galleria and the Black Country Living Museum among its highlights. Cambridge, Ely and the botanical garden are worth seeing in this city of England, which is famous for its university. Nottingham, In the city, Sherwood forests, Notthingham Castle and the Justice gallery are among the highlights.


Countries to visit in Europe - Netherlands

A country of nature and fun, the Netherlands is the most visited country in the West. Cities to visit Amsterdam, Dam Square, the New Church, Vondelpark, Amsterdam canals and Madame Tussauds Museum are some of the must-see sights. Rotterdam, Famous for its modern architecture, the Euromast Watchtower, the Kinderjik Windmills, the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum and its special 45-degree cubic houses are worth a visit.


must-visit countries in Europe - Norway

The cities in this country, which is famous for its northern lights, cold and historical and cultural sites, have different special points. The most important cities to see for those who want to go to Norway from these cities West Fjords Norway is a country famous for its fjords and it is one of the unforgettable spots that a person coming to Norway must see. Tromso, It has the best view of the northern lights. It is also full of museums and birch forests, with wooden houses from the 18th century and a large green area. Polaria and the Polar Museum are must-see attractions.


countries to visit in europe - russia

Russia, which stands out with its modern and historical texture, is flooded by tourists with its 4 most popular cities. Moscow, Especially Red Square, Kremlin Palace and St. Vasili Cathedral should be on the list of must-see attractions. St. Petersburg, This city, which is the Venice of the North, must be seen for its magnificent view and unique food culture. Novosibirsk, This UNESCO-protected city, the Altai Mountains, the Ukok Plateau and the St. Nicholas Shaphel are some of the most important places to visit.


countries to visit in europe - Malta

Malta, which consists of a total of 5 islands, has famous cities such as Valletta, I- Rabat, Mdina, Cottonera, St. Julians and Victoria. Famous for its sea tourism, festivals and natural beauties, these cities are very attractive for nature lovers.