Variety is important in a healthy diet. Colorful vegetables and fruits, white and red meats will guide you to a healthy diet with their colors.

1. Prepare your meals at home.
This will allow you to eat healthier and more hygienic food. You will also be in control of the calorie intake.

2. Spice up your meals.
The natural variety of colors in your meals gives you a clue about how healthy your diet is. Greens, reds, yellows, oranges... Prepare a rainbow of colors.

3. Read the ingredients of foods.
Always read the expiration dates and the list of ingredients on the packages. Look up some chemical words you do not understand. You decide whether it is really harmful or not.

4. Have breakfast.
Breakfast wakes up your metabolism. It allows you to stabilize your energy throughout the day. However, avoid consuming fatty carbohydrates at breakfast. The colors of your breakfast will help you to have a healthy breakfast.

5. Go green.
Make green a permanent part of your meals. Green your meals with a variety of herbs.

6. Go to the market.
Consume fruits and vegetables in season. Try to make use of every product of that season and get to know the colors of that season.