Cyprus; It is an island in greenery where you can swim from April to November. With its nature, entertainment venues and hotels, especially the favorite of summer vacations, where to visit in Cyprus? Places to visit in Cyprusabout things to know and to-do list all the details are included in our article.

Where to visit in Cyprus?

In Cyprus places to visit Four major accidents in Nicosia, Kyrenia, Guzelyurt and Famagustada is found. Nicosia and Kyrenia are must-see places. Located in Famagusta Closed Varosha Region is gaining traction. However, regions such as Iskele, Dip Karpaz and Lapta should also be visited. Most of the tourists visit Dip Karpaz and Iskele region North In Cyprus places to visit they do not complete.

We have listed below what to do according to what kind of a vacation you want to spend in Cyprus. Cyprus'places to visit in ta blog You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected] for your detailed questions about our article.

Places to visit in Cyprus - Kyrenia Castle

In Cyprus will be traveling historical sites

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, The island of Cyprus in the north of Cyprus. Cyprus is one of the strategically important geographies of many civilizations from the Venetians to the Ottomans. TRNC reflecting the history between Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot Administration there are many museums. There is also a treasure trove of Cypriot history from earlier times. KCyprus'places to visit in, Places to visit in Kyrenia and Magosa are listed below, including: 

Places to visit in Cyprus - Bella Pais

  • Museum of Barbarism (Nicosia): It is a museum commemorating the Greek Cypriot attack on Turkish Cypriots on December 25-26, 1963, known as Bloody Christmas.
  • Green Line (Nicosia): It is the United Nations compound in the area separating the Greek and Turkish sides.
  • Büyük Han (Nicosia): It was built in 1572 by the Ottomans.
  • Inside the city walls (Nicosia): Used as the city center of Nicosia throughout civilizations, the structures within the city walls were first built by the Venetians in the 16th century.
  • Selimiye Mosque (Nicosia): Located in the Walled City, the mosque is historically and architecturally important. Built as the Cathedral of Saint Sofia, it was later converted into a mosque.
  • Apostolos Andreas Monastery: With its untouched beaches, unique nature and historical riches, it is a must-see It is located in the Karpaz. One of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites in history.
  • Kyrenia Castle (Kyrenia): It was built during the Byzantine Empire in the Middle Ages. Historical artifacts recovered from shipwrecks in the Mediterranean are exhibited inside.
  • Kyrenia Old Harbor (Kyrenia): Located next to Kyrenia Castle, the harbor has old shops and restaurants.
  • Ancient City of Salamis (Famagusta) / Salamis Ruins: It was one of the most important cities of Cyprus in ancient times. It contains many historical monuments related to the lifestyle and architecture of ancient civilizations.
  • Othello Castle (Famagusta): The castle associated with the Shakesphere's Othello is a historical building of unique richness.
  • Venetian Column (Nicosia): The Venetians moved it from the ancient city of Salamis and placed it opposite the old Lusignan Royal Palace as a symbol of sovereignty.
  • Church of Saint Nicholas - Bedesten (Nicosia): Built in Gothic order on the ruins of the Byzantine period, this church was used as a bazaar by the Ottomans.
  • Samanbahçe Houses (Nicosia): It was the vegetable and fruit garden of the Ottoman Empire and, in its last days, an animal market.
  • Kyrenia Gate (Nicosia): Built in 1562, it is the Venetian gate.
  • Armenian Monastery (Nicosia): Built in the 12th century, the church was restored in Gothic order in the 1300s after it collapsed due to an earthquake.
  • Ayluka Church (Nicosia): It was built in 1758.
  • Bellapais Monastery (Kyrenia): It was built in the thirteenth century by Augustinian monks. It is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the Mediterranean.
  • Saint Hillarion Castle (Kyrenia): Built in the Middle Ages, the castle is a very important historical monument with its strategic location as if hidden in the mountains.
  • Blue Pavilion (Lapta): It is the home of an Italian smuggler.
  • Tomb of Prophet Omar (Kyrenia): It is a holy shrine in Islam.
  • Kantara Castle: Located in the mountains of Kyrenia, the castle lays the whole of Cyprus under its feet with its extremely beautiful view.
  • Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (Famagusta): Originally built as a cathedral, it was later converted into a mosque.

Cyprus Kyrenia Mountains

Bazaar - Meydan to visit in Cyprus - Han

Bazaars in Cyprus are not located in shopping centers as in Turkey. In the following areas, stand-alone shops serve tourists and locals.

  • Kyrenia Harbor Bazaar (Kyrenia)
  • Arasta (Nicosia)
  • Bandabuliya (Nicosia)
  • Büyük Han (Nicosia)
  • Gamblers Inn (Nicosia)
  • Asmaaltı Square (Lefkosha)
  • The most popular places of entertainment in Cyprus

Both hotels and independent venues in Cyprus are active where entertainment continues until late hours. Cafes, bars, clubs, hotels and casinos are the most popular tourist attractions in Cyprus. Popular current venues are listed below. List of places to visit in Cypruswhat these must necessarily include:

  • Kyrenia Old Harbor (Kyrenia): Located next to Kyrenia Castle, the harbor has old shops and restaurants.
  • Inside the city walls (Nicosia): Small cafés and bars are located in this area, which is especially supported and financed by the European Union on a project basis.
  • Some hotels have very popular clubs. For example, the clubs of Cratos, Lords Palace and Kaya Palazzo are preferred by both locals and tourists.
  • Casinos are the number one reason why Cyprus is the favorite holiday destination in the Mediterranean. In 24-hour casinos, refreshments and entertainment are continuous. The most preferred casinos are Merit Park Hotel, Rocks Hotel and Accapulco.

Cyprus' favorite restaurants

Places to visit in Cyprus There are established restaurants that have been serving for years. Reflecting Cypriot and Turkish cuisine, these restaurants offer both stylish and ethnic flavors. Hamur restaurant in Nicosia, Niyazi's restaurant in Kyrenia and Ezic Peanut restaurant are extremely popular places to eat and drink. KCyprus'to visit in to be seen places map when drawing these places should not be missed.

The most beautiful beaches in Cyprus

Famous Cyprus Beaches

Alagadi Caretta Caretta Beach (Kyrenia): It is the spawning area of Caretta Carettas (Sea Turtles). It is taken under protection during spawning periods. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kyrenia with its clean sea and untouched beach.

Golden Sand (Karpaz): The sand is golden colored fine sand and the sea is like the a beach.

Escape Beach (Kyrenia): This place where fun meets nature is a beach especially for young people.

Landing Beach (Kyrenia): The name of this beach was inspired by the place where the Turkish soldiers landed on the island.

Top hotels in Cyprus

We strongly recommend that you also discover the best hotels among the Places to Visit in Cyprus. Places to visit in TRNC Let's take a look at the hotel recommendations together.

The most popular hotels in Cyprus are the Merit Hotels chain in Kyrenia, Kaya Palazzo, Accapulco in Kyrenia, Kaya Artemis in Bafra, Palm Beach and Salamis Hotel in Famagusta. TRNC vacationinde should stay in one of these hotels.

Places to visit in Cyprus Bafra

Places to visit in Cyprus Bafra is one of the most popular locations.

  • Bafra Beach One of the most attractive features of Bafra is its long and wide sandy beaches. The clean and pristine beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and sea sports.
  • Kaya Artemis Hotel and Beach: Kaya Artemis Resort & Casino is a luxury hotel in Bafra and has a large beach area. Apart from hotel guests, day visitors can also enjoy the sandy beach.
  • Karpaz Peninsula The Karpaz Peninsula, close to Bafra, is famous for the natural beauties of Cyprus. It attracts visitors with its pristine beaches, natural life and historical sites. Especially Karpaz National Park is home to the Karpaz horses, famous for their wild horses.
  • Ancient city of Salamis: Salamis Ancient City, which is a little further away from Bafra, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus. There are ruins from the Roman and Hellenistic periods here. Structures such as theater, baths, stadium and temple offer visitors the opportunity to trace the traces of the ancient period.
  • Famagusta: Famagusta, close to Bafra, is one of the most important historical and cultural centers of Cyprus. You can visit important buildings such as the historical city walls, Othello Castle, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque.
  • Bafra Port Bafra is one of the important ports of Cyprus. You can walk around the harbor area, eat delicious seafood in restaurants and enjoy the sea view.

What is the most famous thing in Cyprus?

The most famous thing in Cyprus Hellim cheese and handicraft Lefkara's. Cyprus also has a lot of famous foreign brands are also available.

Famous Cyprus Halloumi

Which is the most beautiful city in Cyprus?

Kyrenia is the most beautiful city to visit in Cyprus. Most admired KCyprus'places to visit in Girne in the region. Every tourist must beautiful You should see Kyrenia. Being a city by the sea and having the most popular entertainment venues in this city makes Kyrenia the center of attention. Among the places to visit in Cyprus, Kyrenia is different with its name and taste.

When is Cyprus at its best?

Cyprus is an island with almost 6 months of summer, 3 months of spring and 3 months of winter. TRNC vacationIn July and August, you can swim in the sea from April to November. July and August Places to visit in Cyprus It is very hot, so it is important to cool down at noon.

How much is 1 TL in Cyprus?

The valid currency in Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. Therefore, 1 TL in Cyprus has the same value as in Turkey.

Is Cyprus too expensive?

Although Cyprus is a Turkish Lira country, prices are indexed to the foreign currency. Therefore, rents, fees, etc. are usually charged in British Pounds or Euros. If you prefer the Greek side among the places to visit in Cyprus, the Euro currency is valid.

Is the Cyprus Turkish Lira valid?

The currency in Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. Ysudden In Northern Cyprus from Turkey no separate currency is used

What to buy in Cyprus?

Places to visit in CyprusIf you have discovered Cyprus, it's time to shop. Before returning from Cyprus, you should definitely buy Lefkara handcrafted covers and Halloumi cheese. Especially the halloumi cheese produced by local brands is very delicious. In addition, most drinks are more affordable in Cyprus.

What is the Cyprus currency?

The currency in Cyprus is the Turkish Lira as in Turkey. However, the British Pound and Euro are also widely used.

How to get to TRNC by plane?

Flights are organized from Turkey to TRNC. Flights departing from international flights land in Cyprus in approximately 1.30 hours.

What are the Places to Visit in Cyprus?

We have given all the information about the places to visit in Cyprus, historical places, wonderful beaches and culture in our article. For a nice Cyprus holiday, you can choose TRNC with the advantage of visa-free travel.