The moment you find out that you are a mother-to-be is the moment you set foot on one of the most important steps of your journey of existence.

Smile and say "hello" to your new role that will be added to all those roles that exist within you.

Your emotional state may vary. As with every situation you encounter for the first time, you will need to adapt to this new situation. Just as it took you time to adapt to marriage, work, starting or ending a new relationship, moving..., it may also take time to get used to and internalize the idea of becoming a mother. Fortunately, we know that human beings are adaptable and able to cope with new situations.

Therefore, don't worry about your emotional ups and downs. Now is the time to look at your life with a new awareness. You may need to make some changes in your lifestyle. These will be changes that will benefit you, your baby and your partner. It is up to you to manage this process that will bring biological, psychological and social differences to your life. You may feel like a different person from the one you have been until now and you may be more sensitive.

Sharing all your feelings with your partner and your social circle through healthy communication and keeping your interpersonal relationships healthy means that you can get through this process more easily. Social support during pregnancy is very important for the expectant mother. The way your social environment understands and supports you depends on how you express yourself. In some cases, expectant mothers may feel the desire to isolate themselves from their partners and social circles.

Human beings are social creatures by nature and research shows that isolation increases the risk of depression. Therefore, when you feel such a desire, it is essential for your health and that of your baby that you question this desire and take action in the opposite direction instead of taking action. Once you know you are going to be a mother, a comprehensive medical examination and a doctor's check-up are the first things you should do. Then you can update your sleep, diet and daily activities. It's time for healthy eating, healthy sleep, healthy exercise, healthy conversations, and eliminating everything harmful from your life.

A utility-oriented life... This is a good opportunity to change some habits in your life that you have not been able to change, even though you know they are harmful. Pregnancy is a process where you will be equipped with all the necessary impulses to take action.

And what kind of actions are these? Here you go... Feed your soul by listening to quality music... Your baby will feel what you feel and find peace with your peace. Take walks where you can feel the magic of nature. Look at the sky, hear the birds singing, breathe in the smell of the earth, the green, the flowers, the sea. Spend time with people who bring you joy with their positive energy, who know how to enjoy life. Body and soul are inextricably linked, how you look after one is related to how the other is affected by it. It is difficult to have a healthy psychology in an unhealthy body, so contribute to both your body and your well-being by eating healthy.

Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your romantic relationship. Continuing to love and be loved is one of your most important needs during this period.

For this reason, a wonderful period awaits you in which you will strengthen your bond with your partner without excluding them or making them feel neglected. Remember, "MOTHER" is instinctive, becoming a father is about sharing and time spent together. This is why your wife's "FATHER" will start with your involvement in the process. Get ready to add the most precious ones to your memories.

I wish you to spend this period, which will be among the most important memories of both of your lives, in good health and quality peace.

Uzm. Clinical Psychologist & Family Counselor Yasemin Kurçenli