The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an island with the beauties of the Mediterranean, famous for its historical richness and warm hospitality. North Cyprus's history and culture.

History of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus:

Northern Cyprus bears the traces of many civilizations in its long history. It has been under the influence of many great powers such as Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, there are many historical ruins and artifacts on the island. Bellapais Monastery, Kyrenia Castle and the Ancient City of Salamis are among the must-see places for history buffs.

Places to visit in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus:

Kyrenia Castle This castle is located on the shores of the sea and attracts visitors with its historical atmosphere and magnificent views. The Museum of Maritime and Nautical Archaeology within the castle also offers visitors interesting exhibits on the island's maritime history.

Bellapais Monastery: Built in the 13th century, this monastery is famous for its Gothic architecture and historic atmosphere. You can take a pleasant walk in the courtyard of the monastery and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty.

Ancient city of Salamis: This ancient city, which belongs to the ancient Roman period, attracts attention with its enormous ruins and historical structure. Theater, baths and mosaics are among the important items that can be discovered in the ancient city.

Places to Eat in Cyprus:

Liman Fish Restaurant, Kyrenia: Famous for its seafood, Liman Fish Restaurant serves fresh and delicious seafood. You can try delicious flavors of Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by the harbor view.

Babutsa Fisherman, İskele: Babutsa, a traditional Cypriot fish restaurant, is known for its fresh seafood and authentic atmosphere. You can have a pleasant dining experience accompanied by the beautiful view on the beach.

Gözde Cyprus Cuisine, Nicosia: Offering the traditional flavors of Northern Cyprus, this place has a wide menu ranging from meatballs to appetizers. An ideal address to try local flavors.

Cyprus Beaches:

Golden Sands Beach, Famagusta: (Closed Maras Beach) Famous for its long sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, Golden Sands Beach is the perfect choice for those who want to practice water sports or just sunbathe.

Escape Beach, Kyrenia: Ideal for those looking for a fun beach atmosphere, Escape Beach is a colorful beach with live music events and water sports.

Alagadi Turtle Beach, Kyrenia: Famous for its turtle sanctuary, this beach is known for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. You can visit at special times when you can see the turtle hatchlings.

Turkish Republic of Northern CyprusIt offers an unforgettable holiday experience with its history, culture, natural beauties and flavors. It is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful island, learn its rich history and taste its local flavors.