Those who set course for the Mediterranean! In the summer season, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the sea, sand and sun trio Mediterranean Regionis not just about Antalya.

Places to visit in the Mediterranean When it comes to the subject, there are many vacation destinations with the quality and beauty to meet the expectations of all people.

We have written a delightful article for those who are heading to the Mediterranean Region. Don't set off without reading about the main places you should visit in this paradise region! Also for those who say I have other thoughts travel guide category.

Dalyan / Mugla

Dalyan, a town in the Ortaca district of Muğla, is a place where you can see and watch the famous Caretta Carettas and enjoy the combination of sea water and fresh water. vacation spotis. The places you will stay in Dalyan are not beachfront, but this does not matter for those who enjoy the roads leading to the beach. There is also a wonderful beach, Iztuzu Beach, where there is no concrete structure extending from a mountain covered with pine trees to the river mouth. To get to Iztuzu beach, you have to walk through lush green scents. traveling by boat You can either take a minibus from the highway or you can use the minibus from the road.

Arsuz / Hatay

When you think of Hatay, don't directly think of künefe. Places to visit in the Mediterranean We have added a beautiful place from Hatay to the list. Many people from different parts of the world come here for its history, natural beauty and of course great food. There is an environment where you can walk around the streets very comfortably. There is a cultural riot where you can meet people speaking every language... Arsuz is a coastal town that you will enjoy with its beach and historical buildings... Anamur / Mersin Anamur, a district of Mersin between Mersin and Alanya, welcomes many vacationers every year. Anamur has the cleanest coastlines in the Mediterranean... Especially the beaches around the castle are an ideal place to spend a pleasant time and sunbathe with its natural beauties and long coastlines. vacation spotis. We also have a suggestion for families with children looking for shallow sea: Pullu Beach. There are not only beaches but also historical sites and ruins in this beautiful city. Do not leave Mersin without visiting Mamure Castle, Anamur Stream, Çukurpınar Sinkhole or Köşekbükü Cave. It would be a shame not to visit Tisan and Taşucu while in Mersin. Tisan, which consists of both a peninsula and an island, is a place where you can spend your day with its natural bays and wonderful views. Taşucu is a town in Silifke district. holiday resort. The intertwined structure of blue and green with the sun on your skin is one of the most remarkable features of this place...

Karatas / Adana

Places to visit in the Mediterranean The list also includes Karataş, which attracts tourists from neighboring provinces, especially in the summer months. Karataş, one of the districts of Adana, has one of the longest beaches in Turkey. Its fine sand and year-round access to the sea make it incredibly attractive. Another beauty in Adana is the fishing town of Karatas. Yumurtalıkis famous for its harbors. It attracts vacationers with its history dating back to the Middle Ages and its warm sea.

Kekova / Antalya

For those who say the Mediterranean Region equals Antalya, let us tell you about Antalya's most charming coastal town. Kekova offers you an environment where history and natural beauties rax. Kekova is a town in Demre district of Antalya. holiday center. Is there only Kekova in Antalya? Of course not. There are many holiday resorts we can count, in this beautiful city. Üçağız is also frequented by holidaymakers in Demre district. It is a beauty that can make people fall in love with itself with its green blue view...

Side, located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, is attractive with its historical texture and sea. In addition to all these, Finike, the homeland of oranges, should not be forgotten.

This beautiful town, whose streets smell of oranges and is surrounded by mountains on three sides, is waiting for vacationers who want calmness.


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