The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine went to 3 US scientists for research into the human body's biological clock. 825,000 euros were distributed to 3 US scientists.

108, which includes psychology and medicine. The Nobel Prize was awarded for a 24-hour study on the molecular mechanisms of the human body. circadian to the three American scientists who discovered its rhythm.

The biological clock of the human body

According to the Nobel committee, three American scientists Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash, Michael W Young's discovery explained to us that: "Plants, animals and humans adapt to their own biological rhythms to synchronize with universal evolution." Every living thing instinctively lives in harmony with the Sun.

All movements of plants and animals are determined by the day and night system. Humans, as living creatures on this planet, respond organically to the day and night cycle. No matter how much you resist, your biological clock always tends to align with the Sun.

For example, the body wakes up at sunrise and it is not suitable for heavy work and heavy exercise. The risk of heart attack is also higher at this time. At sunset, melatonin, one of the most important hormones for development, is secreted in a dark and quiet environment.