It would not be an exaggeration to say that French cinema is the cinema about which audiences are most polarized. Because a section of the audience French movies and talk about them with admiration, while others think that French films are not very good.

In today's content, we will talk about 5 movies that people who love French movies will already love to watch, but those who do not like them will also enjoy watching them and even find something of themselves in these movies. We hope you enjoy our content.

Remember; French movies you can witness huge stories in ordinary worlds. While watching these films, which are likely to be about a small event in the flow of life, you will realize with pleasure that even the leading roles are people you are likely to encounter in your daily life.

As for our recommendations;

Jeux D'enfants

Jeux D'enfants

Let's start with a classic. Jeux D'enfants in French, translated into Turkish as "Cesaretin Vardi Aşka?", is a romantic movie with an IMDB score of 7.7. The movie, which brings the story of Julien Janvier, who lost his mother when he was young, and Sophie Kowalsky, an immigrant, growing up together, focuses on the courage game they play with a box in their hands. This game, which the two start playing at a young age, makes them both soul mates and makes it impossible for them to be happy together. Jeux D'enfants, the story of whether Sophie and Julien can be happy together despite their egos, will take you on a magical journey.

If you want to watch a movie and feel love at its peak and realize the value of time by watching two people who make love difficult, you should definitely see "Cesaretin Var mi Aşka" starring Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet, married since 2007.

We invite you to listen to one of the soundtracks of this beautiful movie.

Sophie: No separation.

Julien: Never. You never asked, but there are three things I regret. I was ready

Sophie: What else?

Julien: I loved you and I would have challenged anyone, anyone who stood in my way...

Jeux D'enfants (2003)

Le Fabuleux Destin D'amelie Poulain

Since we started with a French classic movie, let's continue our journey of discovery with another classic. Originally titled Le Fabuleux Destin D'amelie Poulain, it was translated into Turkish as The Fairytale Destiny of Amelie Poulain. Rated 8.3 on IMDB, the movie is a romantic movie, but it is a must-see because it shows everyone who watches it the function of dreaming in achieving dreams.

Growing up in a loveless environment and unable to go to school due to her diagnosed illness, Amelie lives a socially isolated life. As an adult, she discovers that all she has to be happy is the ability to dream. With this gift, Amelie decides to give happiness to others and you should definitely see this film to spend a few hours full of joy and happiness by watching how her ordinary life is colored by her dreams and how this young woman reaches "true love" in her journey to make people happy.

A soundtrack from Amelie:

When you're a kid, time doesn't pass. Next thing you know, you're 50.

Le Fabuleux Destin D'amelie Poulain (2001)

Paris Je t'aime

Paris Je t'aime

With our next movie recommendation, we take you on a journey to Paris, the capital of France, full of love, passion and sometimes sadness, and we promise that this journey will be one of the most enjoyable trips of your life, even if there are scenes that make you sad while watching the movie. Our movie recommendation that will make you feel like you are in Paris is called Paris Je t'aime... Paris, I Love You, which is directly translated from its original title, consists of short films by 22 famous directors set in Paris and the movie offers a visual feast to the audience thanks to the valuable actors in the cast.

Paris Je t'aime's IMDB score is 7.3. With world-famous actors such as Juliette Binoche, Elijah Wood, Natalie Portman, Gerard Depardieu and Gaspard Ulliel in the cast, you can take a walk through the different streets of Paris, feel in touch with the city's air and get an idea of the spirit of Paris.

A soundtrack from Paris Je t'aime:

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have someone to share this life with. For example, when I look down from a skyscraper at Paris, I want to say to someone, "Isn't it beautiful?" But there is no one.

Paris Je t'aime (2006)

La Fille Sur Le Pont

Are you excited by the idea of a movie where love is reflected by throwing knives? If your answer is yes, we have another great French movie recommendation for you. It is La Fille Sur Le Pont, or in Turkish, The Girl on the Bridge. Adele, who feels that her life has lost its meaning, is about to throw herself into the cold waters of the Seine River one night when she meets Gabor, a knife maker at a nearby circus. Gabor tries to dissuade Adele from committing suicide and tries to convince her to work in the circus. After various incidents, the couple begins to work together in the circus and with each knife Gabor throws at Adele, they become the protagonists of a greater love.

If you want to get enough of love and passion by watching Adele and Gabor, who parted ways at the end of the games played by fate, search for each other wherever they go, you should definitely watch this successful movie with a score of 7.6 from IMDB.

A note about the movie: The last parts of La Fille Sur Le Pont take place in Istanbul. The movie even ends on the Galata Bridge.

A soundtrack from La Fille Sur Le Pont:

Isn't it strange how people seem madly in love when they are not?

It should be easy to pretend.

La Fille Sur Le Pont (1999)

Ensemble, C'est Tout

The last movie we recommend today is a French film that will warm your heart with the harmony created by ordinary people coming together... Based on Anna Gavalda's bestselling novel, Ensemble, C'est Tout (Together, All Together, All That Is) begins with Camille, an anorexic girl who crosses paths with Franck, a nervous cook, Paulette, her dying grandmother, and Philibert, a stutterer, and as these people, all at the bottom of the barrel, get used to each other, they begin to live a happier life. By watching this movie, which shows how people with weak family ties can become family to each other, you can discover how important friendship is, how a timeless love that blossoms even on screen can make your heart flutter and how it is not difficult to start over.

A soundtrack from Ensemble C'est Tout:

There is no pain that a book cannot relieve.

Ensemble C'est Tout (2007)