How did March 8th International Women's Day come about?

March 8th International Women's Day women have achieved it through difficult circumstances. There have been many such incidents, but these two incidents women is very important for women. On March 8, 1857, 129 women workers lost their lives as a result of a fire started by 40,000 workers in a weaving factory in New York, led by women workers, for better working conditions, and then allegedly started in the factory as a result of the police locking the factory doors. On March 25, 1911, a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirt Factory in Washington Square in Greenwich Village, New York. In the fire, 146 workers, 123 of whom were women, lost their lives because the workshops on the ninth floor where the workers were working were locked and the workers could not get out and save themselves. After the incident, the factory owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, were not only compensated by the insurance company for the fire damages, but were also acquitted by the court without any punishment. On March 19, 1911, the day began to be celebrated as International Women's Day, and in 1921 it was recognized as International Working Women's Day, and finally as International Women's Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1977.

Women are an integral and important part of our lives. As men, we often hide the love we feel for our mothers, sisters and other women because of the pressure that society puts on us that "a man cannot be emotional". When one day they slip away from us, we start our sentences with "if only" and sometimes we live the love we feel for them within ourselves and sometimes we tell others. In order not to say if only, let's take the moment in your hand and present your love in a word, poem or in a way that will make them feel the most valuable. Against those who kick, swear and insult women, we have made a compilation for you from the poems in which poets describe women in the most beautiful way. Have a good reading

"Woman it is such a subject that no matter how much you study it, it is always new." Tolstoy

March 8 Special Poems for Women's Day

Welcome my woman

Welcome, my woman, welcome
You must be tired;
How can I wash your feet?
I have neither rose water nor a silver basin,
You're thirsty;
I don't have sherbet on ice to offer
You must be hungry;
I can't set tables covered in white linen
My room is poor like the country.
Welcome, my woman, welcome
You put your foot in my room
Forty years of concrete, now meadow grass
You laughed,
Roses bloomed on the bars of my window
You cried,
Pearls spilled into my palms
Rich as my heart
My room became bright like freedom...
Welcome, my woman, welcome

                                        Nazim Hikmet Ran

Sonnet for a Woman Who Loves

Whenever you loved, there was desperation
It was a darkness with love inside you
When you loved, every part of you burned with a fever
Then tears in your eyes, sweat on your forehead

I know you loved him, but you couldn't leave.
So many like you loved and couldn't leave
Here is the witness of your hopeless love
The pillows you nibble, the glasses you break

And that grief has made you beautiful, that grief
That rebellion against God, that brokenness inside you
Those nights when you cried till the morning

You are now above love with all your womanhood
Those last storms inside you will pass
One day you too will say - love was a lie.

                                          Umit Yasar Oguzcan

Woman Crossing the Street

The beautiful woman passing by,
You're going home now,
Behind the fogged windows, against the night
You will be stripped naked.

Forgive me for what I can think of,
We are human, what we don't think
I appear and disappear, vaguely
With your white chest, your back
Who knows whose bosom you will enter...

Our life is light in burden and heavy in cost,
Kidnapped from the unrelenting thieves
We want it to happen and not happen.
Maybe you can tell me
One day you will think...

 Turgut Uyar

Go Spring

Don't wander this shadowy path,
Your spring looks are drunk again.
Don't be mistaken and land as a guest in my heart.
The door is locked, the altar is empty

It is a temple, not a tavern...

Lights, smells, sounds, flowers...
Every day of your life is another wedding,
Nightingales bloomed in her bosom
Roses fall all over your chest!...
You're really beautiful, not a myth:

Why daisy on the head with gold?
Wear pink roses in your blonde hair
Go worship in my heart,
Don't scare the kneeling girls,

Don't enter my heart, it's not a mansion!...

Go spring, go spring, go spring, laugh far away,
Leave a gift of color in the sea,
Travel over the horizons, soar to the skies...
Don't come into my heart saying "peymâne!"
What you see is a lamp... not a candle!

Halide Nusret Zorlutuna