What are the Popular Types of Coffee?

Coffee is one of the drinks we cannot give up in daily life. However, every person has a different taste in coffee. Some people like something sweet, while others like strong coffee that stimulates them. That is why there are many different types of coffee. You will be able to find answers to the question What are Popular Coffee Types?

What are the Popular Types of Coffee:

1. Turkish Coffee

When it comes to coffee in Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind Turkish coffee comes. Turkish coffee is usually made with very roasted Turkish coffee beans. These beans are finely ground and used as a powder. In addition, only water is used to make classic Turkish coffee.

2. Espresso

Espresso generally preferred by those who like strong coffee. The taste is intense and strong. It is served in cups like Turkish coffee. However, traditionally the cup is half full. Double espresso is also preferred by many people.

3. Americano

In general Americano'or diluted espresso. It is served in larger cups or even mugs. Those who want to drink espresso but do not like its strong taste may prefer Americano.

4. Latte

It is a very light type of coffee that contains a lot of milk. It has milk foam on top. It is also served with flavors such as vanilla, caramel and hazelnut. Latte It is a candidate to be the first choice for those who do not like strong coffee.

5. Cappuccino

A type of coffee with milk and lots of foam. It originated in Italy and is the most popular type of coffee in the country after espresso. It is lighter than espresso. It has a full flavor thanks to its abundant foam. It can also be served with chocolate.

6. Mocha

It is a light type of coffee. It contains plenty of milk, milk foam, espresso and chocolate. It is a soft coffee to drink. Chocolate lovers especially prefer this coffee.

7. Espresso Macchiato / Caramel Macchiato

Espresso coffee with milk foam on top. Flavorings such as caramel sauce are added to soften the drink. It is light to drink.

8. Filter Coffee

It is brewed coffee. It is easy to make, which is why it is widely preferred. It is usually strong to drink. The aroma may vary depending on the type of coffee bean used. It is made by brewing coffee using a paper or metal filter.

9. Flat White

Basically, it is espresso with milk. A mixture of 1-2 shots of espresso and milk. Flat Whiteis consumed a lot, especially in New Zealand and Australia.

10. Frappé

It is cold coffee. It is made with instant coffee. A lot of milk is used in its preparation, so it is very light to drink. Different flavors are also used in its preparation, and it is usually drunk sweet. It is served in thin and tall glasses. It is consumed especially in the summer months. Popular coffee varieties We hope you have found your favorite coffee. In addition to all this, the 3rd Wave Coffee Movement, which has been in vogue lately, attracts people's curiosity. So what is the 3rd Wave Coffee Movement? This trend, which is the last stop of the coffee bean's journey from the past to the present, continues to be the center of attention of many coffee lovers. Take a look at our other articles on the subject Unheard of Coffee Varieties Mixing Beans with Love: The 3rd Wave Coffee Movement 10 Countries to Visit in Europe Vitamin Deficiency Causes Infertility!