Don't Just Say East!

Every inch of our Turkey is worth visiting. A separate treasure and beauty is hidden in each square of its fertile lands... Although the Eastern Region of our beautiful country, which has different natural and historical beauties in each region, has been neglected, there are so many places worth visiting and seeing in these lands that have hosted tens, maybe thousands of civilizations... There are also many beauties to be seen in Southeastern Anatolia. The City Where Those Who Go Back Gaining Weight: In our Gaziantep article, we introduced this beautiful Southeastern Anatolian city to you in detail. Now it's the turn of the East... For those who are curious and want to go, here is a city where the sun rises in all its splendor Places to visit in Eastern Anatoliafor the first time.

Lake Van

Lake Van

Eastern Anatolia RegionVan, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, will allow you to breathe a different air with its lake and other natural and historical beauties. The city, which hosts local and foreign tourists every year, has many large and small villages to visit. Lake Van is popularly known as the Van Sea for its beauty and size. Lake VanAhdamar Island is famous for its church. Built in the early 20th century, the church contains various scenes from the Bible and the Torah. One of the places to visit in the East is the Fairy Chimneys in Başkale district of Van. Vanadokya, also called Vanadokya because of its similarity to Cappadocia, should be seen by everyone who goes to Van.

Floating Islands - Bingöl

Floating Islands Bingöl

Floating islands with a crater lake in Solhan District of Bingöl, Places to visit in Eastern AnatoliaPerhaps the most unusual and tiny one... There are three islands in the lake, formed by the separation of pieces of soil, independent of each other and the ground. These islets are so tiny that they can move with a little push and pull or with the wind. You can witness this extraordinary natural phenomenon up close and discover the natural beauties of Bingöl at the same time.

Nemrut Crater Lake - Bitlis

Nemrut Crater Lake

There are actually two in Turkey Mount Nemrut in Turkey. One of them is in Adıyaman and the other is in Tatvan District of Bitlis. Mount Nemrut in Adıyaman is historically and archaeologically important, while Nemrut in Bitlis is also a crater lake and geographically important. Nemrut Crater Lake proudly bears the distinction of being the largest crater lake in Turkey. The crescent-shaped lake fascinates those who see it.

Gunpinar Waterfall - Malatya

Gunpinar Waterfall Malatya

Located in Darende District of Malatya Gunpinar WaterfallIt offers you all its beauty accompanied by the waters flowing through the hard rocks in all its glory. You can sit in front of the green trees surrounding the rocks and watch as long as you want. The peace of the flowing water will take you in.

Ishak Pasha Palace - Agri

Ishak Pasha Palace Agri

Places to visit in Eastern AnatoliaIshak Pasha Palace is one of them. The last great work of the Ottoman Empire during the Tulip Period, Ishak Pasha Palace was built on the slope of a mountain. Located in Doğubeyazıt District, the historical building is one of the most prominent examples of Ottoman architecture. Watching the sunset from here will be a very different pleasure for you. Of course, while you are in Agri, you should also visit the palace in all its splendor. Mount Ararat's 'a place you can't do without going out...