What is epilepsy epilepsy?

Epilepsy (also known as epilepsy) is a type of neurological disease. It occurs when the nerve cells in the brain produce an abnormal electro-chemical discharge. This electricity is too much for the brain to function normally. For this reason, the patient loses consciousness and makes involuntary movements during a possible attack.

Epilepsy Treatment

Epilepsy is treatable. Generally, medication can get rid of the disease. However, there are cases where medication is not effective either. They can almost completely get rid of the disease with surgery. Epilepsy can be fatal depending on the location. For this reason, it is necessary to start treatment of the disease as soon as possible.

First Aid for Epilepsy Sara Seizure

First Aid for Epilepsy Crisis

Make sure you see patients with epileptic seizures:

  1. Lay it down in a safe place so it doesn't bump into things around it.
  2. Support his head with your hand so that his head does not hit the floor.
  3. Do not make him smell anything, thinking it will sober him up. Making him smell something will do more harm than good.
  4. Do not try to stop the person having a seizure, they are not doing it on purpose.
  5. If the person is clenching their teeth during a crisis, do not try to put your hand in their mouth. If possible, use a hard and clean object to prevent the tongue from getting into the windpipe.
  6. Loosen or remove tight clothing that could pose a danger to him/her.
  7. Do not make extra efforts to sober him up. He will gradually sober up after the crisis.
  8. The person should rest for a while after regaining consciousness. After resting, the person should be taken to hospital.