One of the games we all love to play Scrabble gameThe game is as much about strategy as it is about vocabulary and the ability to generate words. What should you do when you're stuck with letters that won't get you a high score, or when your opponents have tripled your score? Here are five different strategies that will take you to the top of the game...

How to play Scrabble?

Scrabble is a board game based on scoring points by forming words. The main objective of the game is to form words using letter tiles on the board and earn points corresponding to these words. Here are the general rules for playing Scrabble:

Number of Players:

  • Scrabble is usually played between 2-4 players. The number of players can be increased according to the rules.

Game Materials:

  • A game board with 15×15 squares
  • 100 tiles representing letter tiles
  • A scoreboard showing the point value of each letter

Game Start

  1. A starting player is chosen among the players.
  2. Each player randomly draws a few of the letter tiles in the game.

Game Sequence:

  1. The game proceeds clockwise in order.
  2. On a player's turn, they can use the letter tiles to form their words.

Word Building:

  1. Players score points by using existing words on the board or creating new words.
  2. The words are placed on the board from left to right or top to bottom.
  3. The first word should be placed in the middle square.

Don't Use the Stones

  1. Players use the letter tiles to form their words.
  2. Letter tiles can be placed horizontally or vertically on the board.
  3. If there is already a word on the board, players can place their letter tiles on or next to it.


  1. Each letter tile has the point value on it.
  2. The score of the word is the sum of the scores of the letter tiles used.
  3. Some squares (2x, 3x score multipliers) can increase the score of words.

End of the Game

  1. The game ends when all letter tiles are used or when players run out of word-building abilities.
  2. At the end of the game, subtract the points deducted from each player's unused letter tiles and add the penalty points from the remaining tiles.
  3. The player with the highest score wins the game.

Scrabble is a fun game that combines vocabulary, strategy and scoring skills. For a better understanding of the game, it may be useful to study the official Scrabble rules.

1- Don't leave over your competitors' words!

As you know, in Scrabble the whole game is interdependent. You can either advance from your opponent's word, or you can take a letter from your own words. This is how the game is usually played. Because this is the easiest way to progress in the game. However, if your goal is first place and you want your score to go through the roof, you should choose the more difficult way, that is, adding to the existing words. For example, your opponent wrote the word "tan". Check the letters you have and write a word with the word "tan" in it and add the points your opponent scored for the word to your score. So, when you think that the letters in your hand are insufficient to produce a word, think again before you say "pass"!

2- Make good use of your letters!

At the beginning of the game, your priority should be to keep the good letters. Because towards the end of the game, as the letters become fewer, you may reach a small deadlock. This can reduce your chances of generating words. Therefore, focus only on accumulating letters in the early game. The points you really want will be yours as your opponent gets stuck and the number of letters dwindles!

how to play scrabble

3- Empty tiles should be your most valuable loot!

"What does Scrabble empty stone do", let us satisfy your curiosity without making you wait too long. Empty tiles carry zero points and are considered worthless by people who are not familiar with the rules of the game. However, this is absolutely not true. Empty tiles can earn you serious points when you use them in the right place and at the right time. For this, you should use your empty tiles instead of valuable letters. Using them for letters with a small number of letters reduces the chance of your opponent getting the empty piece back, and also makes it more valuable for you to use it.

4- Don't stay still on the Scrabble board!

When you feel that your creativity is blocked, you can constantly move the letters around on the board in front of you. This tactic can be a stimulus to come up with new words. It can also stress your opponent out if you do it in secret.

Scrabble tactics

5- Match your words with bonus frames!

One of the most important strategies to get high scores is bonus squares! These squares, which add values such as 2x or 3x the letter, bring a big point advantage, especially when combined with high-scoring letters. If you want to win, never skip the bonuses! The most fun word games among Scrabbleyou can try these tactics we have compiled for you. Remember, "The winners of the race are always the ones who go slow and steady.

Which country is Scrabble from?

The Scrabble game was designed by American architect Alfred Butts in 1938. Therefore, the Scrabble game has its origins in the United States. First designed under the name "Lexiko", the game was later named "Criss-Cross Words" and finally "Scrabble". Scrabble has gained popularity around the world and has become a board game played in many countries.