What is Sexual Life Like in Women?

Oh these women! Our women... Women, who submit to many pressures(!) of society, are unfortunately left one step behind when it comes to sexuality. The imposed norms, no matter how untrue they may be, put a distance between sexuality and women. In addition to this, the fight against time, the stress of daily life, work and forces can lower the libido considerably. Stay calm! Science shows us the way.

Ways to Increase Sexual Desire in Women, that is, before we talk about ways to increase libido, let's talk about the reasons that lower libido:

"The daily stresses of work, money, children, relationships and low energy are common issues that contribute to low libido in women," says She-ology, a women's health expert and author. If your body produces more cortisol (the stress hormone), testosterone output decreases. The less testosterone, the lower libido. If you are physically and mentally exhausted, it is only natural that your libido will drop. Menopause and hormonal issues must also be addressed.

In general, with menopause sexual reluctance in women is observed. Women between the ages of 35 and 64 face such problems. Another factor is depression. Some antidepressants can reduce your sexual desire. In addition to all these, high blood pressure, being overweight and medical conditions such as endometriosis, arthritis...

Now it's time to look at the solutions to these causes. Here are some solutions ways to increase libido: Talk about your hidden Role-Play Fantasy. Role-Play is known as a fantasy role-playing game. You know, maid, nurse fantasies are among the most well known. In every aspect of the relationship, if you cannot communicate with your partner, you will not get what you need. The healthiest and most natural way to increase a woman's libido is to have a close emotional, mental and physical connection with her partner.

The best foreplay is good communication with your partner. This paves the way for you to experience orgasm over and over again during intercourse. As a female libido enhancer movement and avocado.

Everything that is essential for a healthy body helps to fuel your sexual appetite. Studies have shown that women who engage in moderate aerobic exercise have increased libido and sexual performance. Preparing your meals with healthy fats such as avocado and olive oil will benefit you in every way. Take Time for Yourself. No matter how healthy your body is, being stressed will affect your sex process.

How to increase female libido?

When Female Libido is Highest

You know that for a healthy body you need seven to nine hours of sleep, regular exercise and food. Stress is the biggest libido killer. Taking some time for yourself can help. Should we stop and take a breath? Make a decision and take the night for yourself. Make a treatment mask, watch a movie you might like while it dries. Maybe a short yoga class? Spend time in a cafe with a book and a coffee...

Does Alcohol Increase Libido?

Exploring the Mystery of Some Foods Can Help. Although science is not conclusive, it is worth trying aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, celery, eggs, caviar, asparagus and onions! These foods are high in zinc. In many people, low zinc levels can lead to a low sex drive. These foods also contain important vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining a healthy sex life. A glass of wine? If you drink alcohol and love wine, you already have an idea of the result. Two glasses may not be for everyone, but we know that one glass of wine can help you relax.

In moderation, it should be said that too much alcohol also lowers libido. Focus on the ankles. At first glance, it may seem like a foot fetish, but this is not the case.

Increase Female Libido

Ways to Increase Libido in Women

Ways to increase libido in women this is perhaps the most interesting one. According to research conducted in the US, touching women's ankles increases their libido. Electrical signals travel from the foot to the base of the spine, sending a wave of blood to the genital area and increasing the sex drive. Sexual stimulation is achieved by a tickling tingle. Perhaps we will soon be introduced to a small signaling device that we will wear on our ankles. While it has not yet been produced, you can provide sexual stimulation with manual touches and strokes on the ankles.

Consult a specialist. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor. Identifying the underlying problems is the most important step on the way to finding a solution, and doctors are the most trusted people to help us with this. A strategy for your sex life can be determined. Maybe communicating with your partner, maybe adopting a healthy lifestyle, maybe treating medical problems...

Ways to increase libido The most important item is undoubtedly knowing the origin of the problem affecting your sex life, which will make it easier to find a solution.