There's nothing more frustrating than a belly that stubbornly hangs over the waistband of your pants despite a healthy diet and all that time spent in the gym. Dreaming of abs but can't get them?
 Unfortunately, many of the methods you use to get a sexy tummy take you further away from your goal!
But good news: We've rounded up these myths so you can learn the formulas that really work and will give you the best abs possible.

1) Carbohydrates are the Enemy

Refined carbohydrates (flour, sugar, starch, pasta... etc.) cause bloating and weight gain. Yes, this is absolutely true. But our bodies need healthy carbohydrates and the enzymes they contain for maximum performance. Natural fruits, vegetables and unprocessed nuts are healthy carbohydrates. When our body gets the energy it needs during exercise from them, you can break a sweat and get one step closer to the abs you want.

2) Six-Pack Trumps Everything

The muscles in the area from just above the buttocks to the ribs are all in the "core". If you want to have beautiful muscles that show off, you should train all the muscle groups in this area. And this certainly also applies to the back and lower back. A proper posture automatically makes you look slimmer. Don't forget to train your oblique muscles, or side abdominal muscles. These muscles are like a corset. As they get stronger, they will pull your waist area in.

3) Your Exercise Program is More Important Than Your Diet

If you want to be able to show off your belly comfortably, forget this myth and start a healthy eating program. Even if you have a perfect abdominal training program and great abs, they won't be visible as long as there is a layer of fat covering them. So fuel your body with vegetables, lean meat, fish, fruit, whole grains (brown rice, bulgur, quinoa), olive oil as a source of healthy fats, unprocessed nuts and avocados.

4) Abdominal Sculpting Should Be at the End of Your Workout Program

In traditional gym programs, you work the whole body first and move on to the abdominal area last. However, if your number one priority is to get your core in serious shape, abdominal exercises should be at the top of your routine. If you start with the core at the beginning of your workout, you'll be less fatigued and better able to give it your full energy and attention.

5) Sit-ups to Reveal the Abdominal Muscles One by One

Maybe you've heard it before: Sit-ups and sit-ups are a staple in many people's training programs. However, these alone are not enough to shape the abdomen. Because the main priority of the core is to protect the spine and stabilize you. Sit-ups cannot target all the muscles that are responsible for this task. What you need to do to have a strong core is to do movements that work your stabilizing muscles. For example, the plank. No matter how many times you do it, you can be sure that it will challenge you every time.

Author: Nilay Yenliç - Pilates Instructor