The weather has been up and down, rain or shine, we are starting to go down to the beaches, albeit with a delay. 🙂 This means that those who have been hiding under thick sweaters and coats during the long winter are coming to the surface. Last minute diets, fat melting recipes, bikini body exercises, celebrity looks etc... we are at the finish line for all of them.

In our previous articles, we talked about body types and last week we talked about swimwear and bikinis. I suggest you take a look at the article about your body type again.

Now let's talk about which cut looks slimmer and more elegant on which body. Don't worry, I will not spoil your pleasure by adding those adorable Victoria angels to the images 🙂

Bikini Suggestions for Women with Large Bellies

Again, if we have an apple-type body, we do not forget to hide our tummy a little bit. One-piece swimsuits are for you. For bikinis, try long tops that cover the tummy. You can even look a little retro by using high-waisted bottoms. 🙂

Wide Tummy Bikini Type

Short Upper Body Bikini Suggestions

If you have a short upper body, choose slightly smaller bottoms to make you look taller. This will fool the eye and make your torso look longer than it really is. 😉

Short upper body bikini suggestion

Wide Back Bikini Suggestions

If you have excess fat on your back, you don't want to make it more visible.

You can improve the look by opting for a higher back and thicker straps.

Wide back bikini suggestion

Thick Upper Leg Bikini Suggestions

If your upper legs are thick and you are particularly uncomfortable with the combined look between your legs, you can try a skirt or at least a straight cut piece that covers your lower bikini. Skirted bottoms help to hide some of the excess in your legs.

Thick leg bikini suggestion

Bikini Suggestions for Women with Large Breasts

Drawstring bikinis are unfortunately not your friend 🙂 The important thing here is to choose your bust cup correctly and combine it with a suitable bottom. It is also recommended to choose tops with thicker straps or body straps to avoid any accidents.

Big busty bikini suggestion

Bikini Suggestions for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy in summer is very difficult. But the sun is just as beneficial... 🙂 Since everything that touches the skin during this period can cause an allergic reaction, swimwear should also be chosen carefully. You can choose models with a little more stretch and thin fabric. It should not be tight and should be in a form that you can easily reach your stomach. We recommend you to try two-piece models.

Maternity bikini suggestion