How to Increase Metabolic Rate?

Regular Exercise; Week min. 3 days a week for min. 1 hour brisk walks, outdoors if possible. Eating foods rich in protein (meat, fish, eggs, etc.);

How to speed up metabolism to lose weight?

If you pay attention to this content, especially at meals when you are active, such as breakfast and lunch, your metabolic rate will increase and your digestive system will work more actively.

What speeds up metabolism the most?

Including foods with plenty of fiber in your daily diet;  Legumes, whole grains, fruits with skin, yogurt with natural bran or oatmeal, soups...

Consume enough yogurt/buttermilk, kefir and milk regularly;  These foods "rich in calcium" because they increase metabolic rate.

What boosts metabolism the most in the morning?

Cayenne pepper, ginger, green tea, flaxseed; Regular consumption of spices and flavorings such as these. Also; Eating a regular diet, preferring natural rather than processed foods, using spices regularly and abundantly, eating breakfast, drinking plenty of water will increase your metabolic rate.

Author Uzm. Dietician Ayşe Cengiz