Is tea healthier or coffee?

You too. Tea or if you're a "Coffee I can't come to myself without drinking", you should definitely read this article. As a nation, we have made tea and then coffee our habits that we have never been able to give up since the day we started our lives. So much so that tea is a must after dinner or at breakfast.

Is tea beneficial or harmful?

According to a study, tea is the most consumed beverage after water. For some of us, coffee is the same. Medium, black, sugary... there are even such drinkers that they drink a cup of coffee before having breakfast...

But no matter how much we love Are tea and coffee harmful? sometimes we can't help but ask the question. The benefits of tea and coffee as well as a number of harms. We would like to talk a little bit about these.

Is there any harm in coffee?

Forty Years of Sense, but it pays to use it with caution! Consuming a lot of coffee It has been claimed to cause palpitations in cardiovascular patients, especially in patients with blood pressure and diabetes. It has also been found to cause serious health problems by increasing blood pressure.

Is it harmful to drink 1 cup of coffee every day?

Drinking a cup of coffee a day is usually not harmful and is a daily routine for many people. However, a person's state of health, tolerance to caffeine and other factors can affect this.

It has also been reported that caffeine-free coffees (filter coffee) have been observed to cause rheumatic disorders.

Coffee is not recommended for people with such health problems.

How Should We Drink Tea?

Consuming too much tea It is claimed to cause insomnia, restlessness, palpitations and anxiety in many people. Although it is said that tea is beneficial for the gums, it has also been stated that excessive consumption may cause more damage to previously decayed teeth.

How can we consume tea without harm?

  • Tea should be consumed at least 1 hour after meals, not immediately after meals, thus preventing the absorption of iron in the body and eliminating the risk of anemia.
  • We should not drink it just before going to sleep, otherwise it will cause insomnia and thus symptoms of fatigue and weakness.
  • It should not be consumed to quench thirst during the day, loss of water in the body leads to irreversible health problems.
  • It is necessary to get into the habit of drinking tea without sugar, it prevents weight gain and diabetes.
  • Tea can be consumed at most 1 liter per day, according to a study, tea taken more than the specified amount carries the risk of colon cancer in the future.

Does drinking coffee cause B12 deficiency?

Drinking coffee does not cause B12 deficiency. However, excessive caffeine consumption can reduce the absorption of iron and vitamin B12 in some people. Therefore, it is important to keep caffeine consumption under control, along with a balanced diet. People at risk of B12 deficiency should eat foods rich in this vitamin or take supplements.